Spank Rock


In Baltimore Maryland, one of the United States most notorious murder capitals, Naeem Juwan began rapping at the age of thirteen. Despite claiming David Bowie, Joni Mitchel, and Prince as his musical heros, he became completely immersed in hip hop culture. At the age of sixteen, Juwan, the prep-trash misfit, was hanging out and dancing on the ghetto riot, sim-sex, dance floors of the late 90's Baltimore club scene. It's funny how he also found himself in the company of Rawkus (records) pioneers from the Black Star movement. Spending time at the studio, on the radio, and in church with Shaun J. Period, Geology, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli, sparked a more serious interest in becoming a recording artist. During that time, and for many years after, he believed having serious interest in hip hop meant Brooklyn, battle raps, and fake New York accents, so at the age of eighteen he moved to-Philadelphia? Although, the young, Naeem Juwan posessed habits of being meek and dangerously insecure, he began networking through Philly's music scene. After working with various musicians in philly, most notably, rap/rock visionary, Steve McReady, he partnered up with Baltimore native, producer, and long time friend Alex Epton (aka xxxchange). The two shared a deep love of rap music, but felt disenfranchised by both the underground, and mainstream hip hop scenes. Gradually, they began to move away from traditional underground rap formulas. Naeem remains a rapper, true to his hip hop roots, but one who increasingly rhymes over an esoteric mix of dance music, punk rock and electro.Thus Spank Rock was born. They begun 2004 committed to bringing, club music, pop rap and, lyrical diligence, together in a marriage that can only change hip hop for the better. When asked to describe Spank Rock as a hip hop artist, Juwan explaines ,"It's becoming more and more difficult, because at first Spank Rock was an outlet for me to express my innermost thoughts, and now it has become more of group project, an icon or vessel for my closest friends, from home, to share their creativity with the world." Within a year of forming, Spank Rock has been enjoying some small success. After Teaming up with party dj extrordinaire, Christopher Rockswell, the trio began to play shows up and down the east coast . They are often accompanied by The Love Peace Project, a family of trained djembe drummers and dancers. They have already performed with Beans formerly of antipop consortium, MIA, and allstar philly dj's, hollertronix. Juwan's friendship with hollertronix dj's Diplo and Low Budget led to a record deal with Ninja Tune/ Big Dada In late 2004. which brings the boys to your doorstep, bitches! fly 'em to florida. for free. or they'll have you fired in 2006.holla.