Label: Smerk
Genre: Experimental / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Skeeter is a groundbreaking laptop artist from Toronto, always skating along the cutting edge of the online musical terrain. He's made significant marks in net-specific genres for several years, including speedbass, spitbass and the 8bit scenes; music meant to be traded and heard online from the get-go, eschewing hard copy distribution. The music sounds like bytes flying downstream; hard drives whirring, transistors pushed to destruction. If you look hard enough, you might be able to find some of his hysterically sarcastic pop remixes floating around online- or, even better, join in on one of his remix contests- avidly followed on email lists by those in-the-know. Skeeter is the type of artist who's got songs stashed in every single possible mp3 portal offering free server space; it's an aesthetic. You will not find this artist in shops.