The Pit That Became A Tower
The Pit That Became A Tower
Label: Men of Israel Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Born in Israel and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Adam was raised on junk food, video games, comic books, skateboards, and the songs of bands like Dinosaur Jr., The Cure, and The Dead Milkmen.

Throughout life, Adam has been challenged by the concept of mediocrity - and early on in life he considered it to be a nemesis. If it was writing songs or practicing kickflips - there was a method and a meaning - he wanted to change the world. Upon returning to Israel in 1991, the desire to see cultural change only grew stronger within him, leading him to his first band, Mutant John, in 1999.

Since then and until now, Adam has played in a number of bands (Man Alive, My Name Is Nobody, and more), and started the label/distribution Men Of Israel in Jerusalem.

In 2001, he also married his bandmate Bethany, and they live and create music in Jerusalem, along with their two children.

Over the years, Man Alive drummer and sound engineer Joel Hilsden joined TPTBAT and helped forge their sound of powerful rock anthems with multiple harmonies.

Today, Bethany's sister Esther has joined on keyboard and vocals - furthering the development of vocal harmonies in the band, and Danny McCoy has been adding textures on lead guitar.