David Thomas Broughton
David Thomas Broughton
Label: Plug Research
Genre: Electronic / Folk
Online: Artist Website


David Thomas Broughton has been a fixture on the Leeds UK music scene for a few years with his own unique blend of off-kilter folk. Using looped guitars and vocals and with the addition of a drum machine, he creates, as The Guardian put it, 'layer upon layer of musical quality'. The effect is bold, beautiful and honest and to quote Leeds Music Scene 'there really are no comparisons'.

His debut album released on Birdwar in the Uk and Plug Research in the US was an attempt to achieve a true flavour of Broughton's live sets, an atmosphere that can be both controlled and chaotic. As a response to this the record was recorded in one complete take in Wrangthorn Church hall, Leeds, with minimal tweaking and tampering in the subsequent mix. The result is a truthful representation of Broughton's music, warts and all.  

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David Thomas Broughton
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