Prince Paul
Prince Paul
Label: Antidote Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


‘Hip Hop Gold Dust’ is the new LP from the undisputed king of the concept album Prince Paul. Released on Antidote, home to DJ Yoda, Osymyso, The Nextmen and many more, each track has been pain stakingly selected from Prince Paul’s commode of rare collectors items.

More exciting than either a standard release or a reissue, ‘Hip Hop Goldust’ is a collection of previously unheard tracks from timeless lyricists. De La Soul, Biz Markie, Stetasonic, Gravediggaz… and it is as much a window into Prince Paul’s illustrious past as it is a collection of fresh joints for a standalone album.

Looking back over his CV it seems that Prince Paul has stumbled across HG Wells’ time machine; Gravediggaz, he was there. De La Soul, he was there, Handsome Boy Modelling School, he was there. Stetsasonic…you get the idea. Prince Paul is a musical Visionary, after being told by his then label Tommy Boy that his concept album would receive no real push because it had no singles, he knew that he had to make a move to a place where his musical genius could blossom unfettered.