Windy And Carl
Windy And Carl
Label: Kranky Records
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Experimental / Other
Online: Artist Website


Carl Hultgren has been recording his own guitar pieces since 1992, Windy Weber joined him in 1993. The duo write during the recording process and Carl's mixing process adds layers of effects and distortion to the basic tracks. Windy sings and plays bass, Carl plays the guitar and both play the odd keyboard. Their debut full-length CD was a reissue of their cassette release Portal, on the Ba Da Bing! label in 1995. Drawing of Sound came out in 1996 on LP from Blue Flea and on CD from Detroit's Icon label. Their two most recent full-length albums, 1998's Depths and 2001's Consciousness have been released by Kranky. In addition to this, numerous singles and split singles have been released by labels Ochre, Burnt Hair, Enraptured and Darla Records.

Windy & Carl often perform live but are rarely on tour and have performed at all Terrastock Festivals.