Label: Compost
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Braun and Maragnoli start off playing in different bands ranging from rock and reggae to afro and jazz. Whereas Maragnoli taught himself to play bass (Louis Johnson being one of his role models), Braun studied composition and arrangement at Musikakademie Basel, followed by a scholarship at the Drummers Collective, NY. He also gained insight in studio production there. The two met in the early nineties when Braun produced a reggae band Maragnoli was a member of.

Both soon discover they have lots of stuff in common especially as for their music taste, i.e. the aesthetic sense of the seventies’ sound as well as Latin and Afro rhythms. “The basic structure of what we do is jazz”, states Maragnoli, “ spiced up by all genres we like from brazil to funk. At the same time we don’t feel any obligation to be trendy.” “Our intention is to deliver a sound that seems to come freshly out of the studio, although we sometimes fiddle about with one bar over months”, says Braun.