Hockey Night
Hockey Night
Label: Lookout Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


HOCKEY NIGHT, with dual guitarists and two drummers, is one of the most original and singular rock bands to come out of Minnesota in years. The duality of singer/principal songwriter Paul Sprangers and his co-lead guitarist, Scott Wells, drives and inspires HOCKEY NIGHT's ferociously original vision of new rock and roll music. Sprangers is one of the first musicians to fully mine and revisit 90's indie rock as his principle inspiration, while Scott Wells keeps his feet firmly planted in the big guitar of classic rock. Rarely are two guitars used as creatively as Wells and Sprangers', whose harmonized dual guitar lines often earn comparisons to the Allmans or Thin Lizzy. The two drummers, Alex Achen and Adam Harness, with their slippery dual-drum kit attack, provide the catalyst for HOCKEY NIGHT's energetic live show.

The three young men consummated their years of experience and experiments in The Renegades, a much-loved Minnesota spazz-punk group whose insane live shows and improvisational jams earned them cult status in the thriving Twin Cities underground, as well as opening slots for larger local and national touring acts. A bartender at the Pilot Light in Knoxville, TN once described The Renegades as a cross between Truman's Water, Karp, and The Replacements. After three years of touring America's bars, basements, universities, dorm rooms, VFWs, granges, snack shacks, beaches, kitchens and hospital parking lots, HOCKEY NIGHT has stirred the muck of the vast American underground, creating word-of-mouth buzz that has followed them back and forth across the country. HOCKEY NIGHT has embarked down a path of musical curiosity and creativity, unabashedly inspired by and wholly embracing classic rock, like Thin Lizzy, Boston, T. Rex, Journey, Springsteen and, yes, Pavement.