Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Genre: Electronic
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ADULT. is Nicola Kuperus, Adam Lee Miller and Samuel Consiglio. They have been less in the past, they may be more in the future. This is now.

ADULT. is introducing a third member with the release of Gimmie Trouble. Initially recruited as an extra set of hands, Nicola and Adam realized that Samuel was their equal in the world of uncomfortable and drafted him in as a third brain.

ADULT. is world-renowned for their live performances and they took it up a notch by revealing themselves as the new three piece during their recent D.U.M.E. tour. The new three point dynamic is a totally visceral live experience designed to leave the audience and the band winded every night. Witnesses to their recent American and European mini-tour, that took them from L.A. to Moscow and several points between, can attest to that.

ADULT. is three people with a lot going on. While Kuperus and Miller run the seminal Ersatz Audio label, show their paintings and photography and restore historic homes in Detroit, Consiglio participates in several other music and performance projects such as the art-cum-theater collective Perfect Wieners and Butts and Ersatz Audio’s own Tamion 12 Inch.

ADULT. is the proud parent of a vast back catalogue. As a duo, ADULT. have released two full length L.P.'s on their own Ersatz Audio label. One E.P. for Thrill Jockey and a "too many to count" amount of E.P.'s and singles for a wide range of labels. Not to mention what seems like hundreds of remixes (but is more like twenty-two or something) and, back to the here and now as a trio, a forthcoming split seven inch with Numbers for Kill Rock Stars.

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