DJ Annie
DJ Annie
Label: !K7
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


DJ Annie, blonde and brainy with a devilishly Scandinavian demeanor, she’s pop like Kylie and knows her music like Pharell. Equally adept at discussing the merits of Arthur Russell as she is at gushing over a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, the fact that Annie’s got an extensive record collection is just another reason to sing her praise. How do we know? Well, in the wake of her cult classic ‘The greatest Hit’, The Norwegian knockout started rocking the ones and twos at “Pop ‘Til You Drop”, a club she opened with a friend in Bergen, and though she “never had any ambition to DJ,” her feisty spirit and eclectic taste (plus a hit record or two) kept the bookings coming in. “Technically I suck,” Annie candidly admits, “for me, the most important thing is to build it up and make it a good evening.” This pretension-free ethos has enabled Annie to compile her first, highly prized, DJ Kicks mix. Much like her acclaimed debut album ‘Anniemal’, which contains the aforementioned ‘Greatest Hit’ as well as the infectious ‘Chewing Gum’ and ‘Heartbeat’, her mix is a dynamic and exuberant melding of literate pop and raunchy electro disco. Its appeal lies not in its “seamless mixing” or because it “takes you on an epic musical journey,” but rather in the way Annie uses her lo-fi deck prowess to inject her quirky charm to the mix. The emphasis is on the music: Annie’s mix lives and dies by the quality of the songs she’s pulled.