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INTENSE grew up in both, the Frankford and Feltonville sections of Philly. He was first introduced to music by his mother, who was constantly playing all kinds of music, everything from Al Green to Led Zepplin (on the original wax); often taking her young son to concerts by these same artists and many others. INTENSE developed his own interests in hip-hop while still very young. By the age of 12, INTENSE had his own Casio Keyboard creating hip-hop songs along with his friends and by 15 he recorded his first solo Demo material. INTENSE's first group project experience came when he joined "3 Nations in 1" a collective consisting of his life-long friends I.Q. and BRASIL. This group was where INTENSE initally met and worked with SCRATCH, whom the trio had gotten to know from local events, parties/ clubs etc. "3N1" never had any comercial releases but, a few years after these events Ahmir ?UESTLOVE Thompson went on to mention the group on the inside of The ROOTS "Illadelph Halflife" album cover. This group came to an unexpected end when Brasil one of the founding members was shot in the head; fortunatly, he survived, but somehow things just weren't the same after that.

INTENSE loosely conceived of SCHOOLZ OF THOUGHT in late 1994; by 1996, it consisted of him and SCRATCH. In 1997, The two were recording material at Philly's now defunct Sonic studiois, when they were introduced to SYNTAX and SPEAQUE-EZIE, two talented emcees, who were then going by the name IllPros. Collaborative efforts were made and a definite vibe was created, which led to SYNTAX and SPEAQUE-EZIE joining the Schoolz of Thought and forming the central core of the group as it would go on to be known from the worldwide release of several successful singles including INTENSE's first solo single in 2002 "It Could Happen To You;" guest spots on records released by Scratch, Zap Mama, DJ Spinna, and The Waxolutionists; and LPs including 2003's "From Thought to Finish," a record entirely cut from INTENSE's home studio. Following the recording, INTENSE and Schoolz of Thought toured relentlessly with the likes of De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Pharoe, Slum Village, Scratch, Dice Raw, Les Nubian, Zap Mama, Kool Keith, Ceelo, Beatnuts, HeadFake(Doug Wimbush & Will Calhoun. INTENSE also emceed several HeadFake shows.) and Handsome Boy Modeling School, among others.

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