Sono Oto
Sono Oto
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


When drummer Nick Kinsey and keyboardist Mark Phillips met in the back-country of Wyoming six years ago they had no idea that it was the beginning of Sono Oto. For a month they hiked and talked about music. By night they banged on pots and pans. When they returned to NYC they both played in different groups and worked together on occasion. Kinsey began playing with bassist Brigham Brough, starting a relationship that would continue to blossom as the two studied in Havana's top-music conservatory in Cuba. As they toured Cuba playing jazz and Cuban music for six monthes, they decided upon their return to the states that they would form a pop group. As Phillips turned the collage of tracks recorded before Kinsey's and Brough's departure into an album, the three knew that Sono Oto was formed.

A native of Manhattan, Nick Kinsey has studied with jazz drumming masters Billy Martin and Bob Moses. He has performed and recorded extensively with LA singer-songwriter, Elvis Perkins. Nick has spent the past 6 months in Cuba studying with Havana's drumming masters.

Multi-instrumentalist Mark Phillips spent his adolescence tinkering with four-tracks and whatever recording equipment he could find. He has several solo albums and is a long-time collaborator with Brooklyn-based eclectronic musician Desmostylus (aka Build Buildings). He is a former member of Ghost Car Conductor - a Williamsburg-based noise-rock band, the Alibi - a folk-pop group, and has continued to lead various projects.

Brigham Brough has studied closely with jazz bass-great Dave Zinno. He has performed and recorded extensively with Sono oto drummer, Nick Kinsey, for afro-haitian group Kofou, world-music group Zili Roots and various experimental theaterical projects. Brough has also spent the past 6 months studying and playing in Cuba.

The band is currently in the Green Mountains of Vermont working on new material in their 18th century blacksmith shack.