The Winks
The Winks
Label: Drip Audio
Genre: Rock
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The Winks, Todd Macdonald (mandolin, vocals, programming), Tyr Jami (cello, vocals), Paul Patko (drums, percussion), and Tim Sars (woodwinds, percussion) unfurl their butterfly wings on this, their second official release. The trio reveal new tricks wrapped in an historic carapace endowed with a refreshing dialect of pop language. The modern framework is there, but the sounds are different - vintage and unusual, like antique arms pointing to infinite roots in time and culture - places in history obscured by dust and cobwebs, finally rediscovered, polished, and prepared for the modern world.

The Winks are reworking pop music in ways that prove the initial rules were just an illusion anyway. On paper, taking the already beautiful mandolin and cello augmented with boy-girl vocals, drums, sparse electronics and baritone saxophone is alone worthy of straight out adulation for its outside the box thinking. Despite cabaret-style narratives and the loudest chords ever heard from a mandolin, The Winks are playful, quirky and arty in their simultaneous naiveté and brilliance.

Founding members, Tyr Jami and Todd Macdonald met at fishing camp when they cught the same fish and bumped into each other.

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