Label: Jagjaguwar Records
Genre: Folk
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The Odawas Indians live on Beaver Island. It was a dream sanctuary after the flee from the East forced by the white men. Secret until needed for battle, they lived on the Michigan Lake enclave until religious audacity flushed through the woods.

James Strang traversed the lake when stricken with arrogance, thinking himself Mormon heir to Joseph Smith. Taking the false title to heart, Strang also took extra wives, land and a kingship. Like all proper dictators, he was assassinated by an angry mob out of Mackinac Island.

The story is transferred to the music through Mike Tapscott, who tried to build a raft to get to the island as a boy from his family’s tiny, green log cabin on the mainland.

As a band, the stories become fantastic visualizations of hell, purgatory and paradise, surviving through the oddballs and leftovers of society. Mike Tapscott and Isaac Edwards write the songs, recently interpretations of Dante’s take on the soul’s travels, playing guitars, vocals and harmonicas and keys respectively. The sounds are layered like a tower of filaments, with each instrument making the theme more clear.

In the physical realm, we have been playing shows in southern Indiana, sharing the bill with bands such as Weird War, The Thermals, Chris Barth, Early Day Miners, The National, Justin Vollmar, Drekka, The Rivulets, Captain Yonder and Xiu Xiu.

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