Label: spinART Records
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Formed in Norwich/ Brighton U.K in 1998, the band's riotous live shows have seen them steadily gaining a huge underground following-both before releasing a series of acclaimed 7" singles and since the release of their first full length record you've seen us you must have seen us on Fierce Panda and Devilinthewoods. In 2001, they completed three successful US tours and several UK jaunts. The band has recorded a Radio 1 session for John Peel, as well as receiving airplay on Steve Lamacq's evening session and John Kennedy and Claire Sturgess' shows for XFM.

In the US, kaitO clinched the No. 1 spot in the alternative indie chart, above such luminaries as Built to Spill. After performing at the SWSX festival in Austin, Texas, kaitO were dubbed 'the' band to watch in 2003 by New York's Time Out magazine. They have recorded numerous live sessions for U.S radio, including Seattle's KEXP, and their two videos to date. 'Go', shot in LA, has had several showings on 120 minutes in the US, whilst 'Shoot shoot', shot in London, was repeatedly shown on MTV2 in Europe at the point of the release of their follow up e.p 'Montigola Underground' (DIW).

In 2002, bands such as Clinic, The Datsuns and the Polyphonic Spree asked kaitO to join them on tour, both Stateside and in the UK. Other support and tours include Imperial Teen, The Pattern, The kingsbury Manx, Radar Bros, Folk Implosion, Seafood, Apples in Stereo, Death Cab for Cutie and Ikara Colt.

The band is Niki Colk on main vocals and guitar, Dave Lake on guitar/vocals, Gemma Cullingford on Bass/vocals and Dieta Quantrillon on drums/ vocals. Their willingness to explore sound owes as much to their varied musical influences as to their four personalities. They take samples of the sound of things breaking and make you want to dance. They chant their rants like Brassy's Muffin Spencer and Huggy Bear but still retain the innovative qualities of Clinic and Sonic Youth. One thing's for sure- kaitO are punk in their boundless spirit but undeniably pop in their execution.