John Parish
John Parish
Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Award winning composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist John Parish releases his new album Once Upon A Little Time through Thrill Jockey Records this September.

Parish first came to prominence as co-producer & multi-instrumentalist on PJ Harvey's To Bring You My Love. Parish & Harvey were involved in a number of projects together including the 'Dance Hall At Louse Point' collaboration for which he wrote the music & she the lyrics.

As a producer & a contributor, Parish has been involved in some of the most critically acclaimed albums of the past couple of years including Tracey Chapman’s Let It Rain, Sparklehorse's It's A Wonderful Life, Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain and Giant Sand's Chore Of Enchantment. Parish also co-wrote and produced the stunning Souljacker album with the Eels. Touring the world with them and cementing a friendship with the band that lasts to this day.

Once Upon A Little Time is Parish’s third album under his own name. The first was 1999's Rosie, the original soundtrack to Belgian director Patrice Toye’s fim of the same name. Parish's score for Rosie went on to win the Special Jury Prize at the 1999 Bonn International Film Music Biennale.

His second release was 2002’s How Animals Move, a mainly instrumental album that featured an eleven piece band. With contributions from Polly Harvey and Clare MacTaggart, the record was recorded in various studios and non-studios around the world. It ranges from the solo violin of 'Absolute Beauty Is An Absolute Curse' to the title track, a live recording of Parish's band with Portishead's Adrian Utley and slide guitarist Jeremy Hogg.