Mr. Lexicon
Mr. Lexicon
Label: Scruffneck Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


From an undisclosed country come three immigrants, men who risked everything to create Hip Hop music in the land that created it. They came to find the American dream through beats and rhymes. They are Mr. Lexicon, the foreign rap sensation.

Although they came to America in the year 2000, the group began in the early 90’s. Tex Binder and Ron Pipes III began rapping on separate street corners. Since there were so few rappers in their country, the two learned of each other very quickly. What started as competition grew into a friendship. They both shared a respect for each other’s talent and a genuine love for American Hip Hop. Although they barely spoke the language, they wrote all their lyrics in broken English. It wasn’t long before they met the mysterious and extremely talented producer DJ Iced Grille. They immediately formed a crew with the DJ’s beats providing backbone and musical focus. Iced Grille, originally an American expatriate, saw the potential for Mr. Lexicon across the seas, and the group began their long journey to The United States.