Krystle Warren
Krystle Warren
Label: Headset Productions
Genre: Pop / Folk
Online: Artist Website


Krystle Warren is a force to be reckoned with. The 23-year old Kansas City import came on the scene in New York in 2004, and she's not holdin' back. With a sound that is far beyond her years in worldliness and a deep and soulful voice that can switch from a whisper to a stirring bellow in the moment before you catch your breath, Krystle commands a stage—or a train platform—like a warrior princess with a gracious smile.

Blending the genres of folk and jazz and weaving words together with uncanny agility, this singer-songwriter taught herself guitar at 17 and has since performed in her native Missouri, in subways stations and clubs around New York City, and with Cody Chestnutt as an opening band for Erykah Badu. Krystle says: "I'm a hopeless romantic. I love music, I love life, I love my friends, and yeah, I hope to wow my mother one day."