Schneider TM
Schneider TM
Label: The Toy Sound of Earsugar
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Some of Dirk Dresselhaus' favorite music includes The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Richard D. James, Autechre, Sun Ra, Shuggie Otis and Daniel Johnston. One of his particular favorites is Neil Young's 1982 album Trans, where nearly everything was played through a vocoder. "It's definitely one of my main influences for doing the Schneider TM stuff. It's a really strange record, really great."

Schneider TM's acclaimed second album Zoomer was recorded in Dirk's Berlin living room studio and released on the City Slang label in September 2002. Since then, he has traveled Zoomer around the world with a 3-piece band comprising of longtime friends and collaborators, Kpt Michigan and Christian Obermaier. Together they have played 130 live shows in the last year and a half alone and taken in most of Europe, the US, Japan, Brazil...