Innerstance Beatbox
Innerstance Beatbox
Label: Consumers Research & Development Label
Genre: Hip Hop / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Jason Todd began elementary explorations in music at age ten, picking up songs on guitar and beginning formal study of the saxophone. Hip-hop began to infiltrate the AM radio waves of Milwaukee in the early eighties, quickly becoming a staple our man?s ear. He began writing rudimentary raps in 1985, mimicking the styles of artist such as UTFO, Run DMC, and the Furious Five. Jazz music became a focus during high school, inspiration sparked upon hearing John Coltrane's "Crescent"LP .

Most of the nineties were spent studying classical composition at UW-Milwaukee and performing on tenor and soprano saxophone with various post-bop and avant-garde jazz groups. This period included two years with organist Melvin Rhyne, who played in Wes Montgomery's early Riverside-era trio and in Rashann Roland Kirk's band in the 1960's. Jason also played in the Gerald Cannon Quintet, led by the great bassist who has been in Roy Hargrove's band for many years, and in the trio of the great A.A.C.M. drummer, Vincent Davis.

In 1993, Jason formed the Milwaukee Creative Music Ensemble, a progressive jazz/turntablism collective. The MCME had one release, entitled 'Gravity-Y' on L3G/Solar Records. Jason began studies with jazz organ, electric piano, clavinet, and synthesizers. The group moved its operations to San Francisco in 1997; living in the midst of the hip-hop renaissance happening on the west coast at that time became a huge influence. From the new developments of Freestyle Fellowship, Latyrx, and the Invisbl Skratch Pikls, to the fusions of Steve Coleman and Five Elements and DJ Shadow, Jason began to recognize a deeper connection between hip-hop and jazz, and was compelled to explore these creative vocabularies. Def Harmonic was formed in 1998, as a duo with Samplist/Guitarist Jamie Shavers. Ideas were largely fleshed out in San Francisco, but a return to Milwaukee in 1999 brought the addition of Lunaversol9 to the microphone. The group performed and recorded relentlessly, trying to develop depth within their overall sound. The first release, "Transmissions" was released by Wobblyhead Records. Shortly thereafter Shavers left the group; turntablist Tnek would join them on the second Wobblyhead release, "Travel Suggestions.' Two years later, a relationship with BPM/Altered Vibes would be forged with the release of " bright today", "Best I Can" and the LP "Embrace".

Over the next two years, Jason would continue to explore instrumental music; the result would be "All Little Boys Do Silly Dances" the first Wobblyhead release from Innerstance.Beatbox. 2005 has seen the release of Def Harmonic's 'Spaced Out EP' on Wobblyhead (which was voted by URB Magazine as single of the month) and the 'All These Worldz' CD and 'So Emotional EP' on Brillante. There is a 12" EP by under his real name called 'In The Twilight' on Selective Hearing Committee. The is also another side project with Def Harmonics' DJ, Epcot called Vanishing System. There are 2 10" EP's called 'The Fantastical' and 'Back To Back', and a full length called 'Head Computor'. Finally, and the reason why we're here, is the overdue release of "Your Eyes Are Like UFOs, My Darling," out on The Consumers Research and Development Label. 2005 is truly the year Jason Todd takes over.