The Chicharones
Label: Camobear Records
Genre: Hip Hop
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The northwest superduo The Chicharones is composed of Sleep and Josh Martinez. The Chicharones are the sum of their parts. Their parts are two internationally renowed and individually successful solo performers, whose combined project, The Chicharones, is the best of all possible worlds – incredibly addictive melodies, clever and humorous songwriting, and an accessibility that so far knows no limits.

Josh Martinez, proud Canadian, got his start touring North America at the height of the Anticon 'revolution' of the late 90s. Named to Urb’s Next 100, Martinez started his own record label, Camobear Records, and released all 5 of his titles and sold 40,000 albums worldwide. Stealing shows and hearts, Martinez has become a touring legend, spending the better part of the last five years in bars, barns and boozeries throughout the world, leaving behind legions of fans wherever he goes. Having toured Europe twice, Josh has built a sizable overseas following on the back of Buck Up Princess, released in 2004 through Bella Union/V2 Europe. He is also the lead singer for rock group “Pissed Off Wild,” a four-piece giant killer of a band that is currently recording their opus.

Sleep, a founding member of Oldominion, is a rapper’s rapper, a man’s man, and one of the nicest guys ever. He does magic, keeps a bunch of tropical fish, and looks almost exactly like a young Paul Simon. He also happens to be one of the best rappers out there. Mixing incredibly complex vocal chops, with wit, charm and a musicianship inherited from his father, a long time bassist in blues and mariachi bands, Sleep is the consummate performer. But live, Sleep is a different beast entirely. With a ‘shock and awe’ precision flow, Sleep has stolen shows performing alongside the biggest names in Hip Hop including 50 Cent, Aesop Rock, Snoog Dogg, Atmosphere, Blackilicious and Swollen Members. And on top of all that, Sleepy’s 10 year old daughter needs braces, so you know he’s hitting the road to make that happen. Sleeps solo album Christopher, is hitting stores in Spring 2005 on LA’s Up Above Records.

Individually, both have a large following, but as a team, these guys buzz harder than a three day bender. Relentless touring and a live show that combines humor, melody and dance moves with boundless energy, has made the Chicharones repeat customers wherever they go. The Chicharones are like nothing you’ve ever heard, yet instantly familiar. Their raps are blazing, the melodies evoke early Beach Boys, the mood, totally infectious.

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