Gravy Train!!!!
Gravy Train!!!!
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


GRAVY TRAIN!!!! is the bitter brainchild of Chunx, your standard honky ho, who obsessed over JJ Fad lyrics ('I seen better pictures on a can of Alpo'), bitched about tiny-donged menz, and suffered from the frightening split affliction of burgerphilia/nymphomania. Funx soon stepped in with her winning Casio beats, frighteningly stark-faced and sexually obscene dance moves, and Spanish flair (but NOT in a Santana featuring Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas sorta way).

The group's biggest crowd pleaser, though, is '(You Made) Me Gay', which is the incredibly true story of how Chunx herself, combining repulsive sexual tactics with an even more repulsive-smelling vagina, single-handedly turned Hunx into a flaming homo. The song turns what had been a sobering realization for Chunx into a playful he-said she-said anthem:'I THOUGHT YOU LIKED IT THAT WAY!' "NAW, BITCH, I'M GAY!!!!"

Obsessed GRAVY TRAIN!!!! fans have accosted members for autographs on sidewalks, begged to make 'cameos' on the group's 4-song CD "MENZ!", and, in the most astonishing pledge of devotion, have promised varied sexual favors to group members in exchange for just one snappy lyric, slutty dance move, or genius keyboard riff.

Yes, their following has become a tight-knit army of junkies, hungry and desperate for one more fix of sweet gravy at any cost. And GRAVY TRAIN!!!! provides it. Every time.