The Cherry Valence
The Cherry Valence
Label: Bifocal Media
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


For the better part of a decade, Raleigh NC's The Cherry Valence have been leveling clubs and festival stages from New York to Barcelona with their explosive, balls to the wall take on classic rock. Their duel drumming, double riffing, twin vocalled assault lends nods to everyone from James Brown and AC/DC, to Bad Brains and The Stooges. Taking their name from that hot lil' "soc" girl that Pony Boy so dearly loved, the Valence began to incorporate the garage/soul stylings of the mid '60's while also adding a healthy dose of the anthem-ish energy of the early '70's. The frenetic sounds of the polyrhythmic, double drummer/double frontman assault leaves audiences levelled and always begging for more.