Tenement Halls
Tenement Halls
Label: Merge Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


In that they were, "arguably", the best American rock 'n roll band of the 90s, it is safe to say that the Rock*A*Teens were also the most underrated American rock 'n roll band of the 90s. Okay, good, that's out of the way - more would just lead to despair and tragedy. Which I guess would be apt, seeing as "despair" and "tragedy" are two of the main cornerstones in the work of Chris Lopez (for the uninitiated, Chris Lopez is the singer-songwriter-chief-visionary behind the now-defunct Rock*A*Teens, and the new Tenement Halls).

This Tenement Halls record may be the most melodically immediate collection of Lopez songs to date. Maybe some will miss the murk overdose, since that was pretty cool too. But the melodies are all still all here in that blushing, Brill-building, should-a-been-a-hit tradition from which Lopez never pilfers, always adds to.