Little Barrie
Little Barrie
Label: Artemis Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


In a culture that celebrates excess it takes some real insight to strip things back to the core.

Little Barrie has that vision.

Take Presley's earliest bride stripped bare blues-as-rock'n'roll shenanigans, or Bolan's simplified Glam boogie. Or then there's Captain Beefheart's exploration of the blues reduced to their hidden psychotic core, James Brown's minimal expressions of R&B and gospel and Bootsy Collins' ability to bring funk down to the on-the-one bass line. You could also add DJ Kool Herc's reduction of the song to its significant break or Larry 'Mr Fingers' Heard's tech funk expression brought down to the tweaking acid house 303. The list is long and impressive.

In fact, from the blues to hip hop, rock to electro, funk to techno, music's most powerful voices have come from those people who are prepared to strip away the excess and get back to the essence.

Meet Little Barrie, a trio whose entire ethos has, at its heart, a stripped-to-the-bone rootsy groove. Little Barrie consists of Barrie Cadogan (guitar and vocals), Wayne Fulwood (drums, backing vocals and sometimes lead vocals) and Lewis Wharton (bass).

"We Are Little Barrie" their debut album was recorded over the course of 23 afternoons in Edwyn Collins' London studio - with Edwyn himself at the controls and even playing on a couple of songs. Collins, best known for his work with Orange Juice, declares Little Barrie as: "astonishingly mature in their references and ability - they were as likely to ask for a sound like Curtis Mayfield as they were to reference contemporary hip hop."