Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker
Label: Electric Whiskers Records
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Daniel Parker, ‘DP’ as he’s sometimes known, spins acoustic guitar based pop songs into richly layered recordings with the songwriter/producer contributing the majority of the instrumentation and vocals and a supporting cast of friends and local musicians chipping in on percussion and vocals.

Over the past decade, the music of Daniel Parker has seen incarnations from Portland, OR to Portland, Maine with recording sessions in New York, demo sessions in Florida, and club dates in Manhattan, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, Madison, L.A., and Boise.

These days there are occasional engagements at clubs and along the café circuit in Portland, Oregon with brothers Dennis and Mark Hitchcox and their project 'the Raining'. The band is currently auditioning percussionists to round out the rhythm section. The three have impeccable harmonic abilities and can bring the rock as well as the mellow to their performances.

The title track, an electro-acoustic pinwheel with the keyboards mixed too high, was recently included on the compilation: Failing Records: A Compilation of Portland Music Vol. 2., available at record stores in Portland and at