Dr. Monokrome
Label: Backwoodz Studioz
Genre: Hip Hop
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After carving out a niche as one-half of genre-busting production duo Aerotaxi, DR. MONOKROME (formerly known as BeepBeep) strikes out for himself with a double EP. And he strikes out boldly, laying down two entirely different soundscapes for two different groups.

All Things Considered NPR is Network Pirate Radio, meaning Illadelph's boy wonder Priviledge on the mic and BeepBeep on the boards. With richly layered and daringly experimental production, this disc also serves notice on Priviledge's skill on the mic, as he holds it down without any guest MCs. Backwoodz likes bold statements and are unafraid to pronounce. Edge the heir apparent to the throne of Philly legends like Black Thought and Schooly D. All things considered points out a new direction in hip-hop while pausing to pour out some mailt liquor on Philadelphia's streets.

That was a long time ago M.A.D. is Mutually Assured Destruction, the duo "Thrill Gates and billy woods" that have been with backwoodz studioz since the beginning. Backwoodz released billy's album with Vordul Mega of Cannibal OX, Camouflage in 2003 and The Chalice in 2004. With Thrill Gates guesting on both projects as well as throwing down several tracks on the Growroom Mixtape, they have always worked well together. Gates and woods rhyme their way through time while the good DR. MONOKROME serves upa platter of sparse, hybrid beats and haunting melodies. The emcees ignore convention and create a darkly entertaining vision of the present after riding roughshod over the past.

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