The Burning Effigies
Label: Cynical Records
Genre: Pop / Rock
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The band was founded by Jeff Jones, Doug Banville and Peter Cheevers, from the merging of variety of such bands as The Prophets, Beatroot and D’Angelus. Paul Bermingham joined in 2003, previously having played with The Nude. The band started writing and compiling songs for Pipe Dream in 2003. They decided to build their own studio to record their album but had to record during the weekends and evenings, due to grim day jobs required to finance the whole operation. The band produced and engineered the album too and used a whacky range of equipment for recording from cheap transistor “joke” equipment to gourmet German valve devices and supercomputers. They have been known to pack up their studio equipment into a couple of cars and record in creaky houses in the middle of nowhere. Their studio changed location three times during the recording to further complicate matters.

The founding members have worked with a variety of people in the Irish music scene over the years, with names such as Colm Quearney, Pugwash, Ro Byrne (ex Lir), Mundy, and Nina Hynes. Offering services from recording engineer, Guitar technician, Production and Musicianship. The band decided to release the album independently after seeing what happened to other bands when they opted for flimsy record deals. It also gave complete musical independence and there are no comprises or negative influences on this album. The album was written and produced without intentionally trying to sound like any other particular band or bands or jumping on any fashion bandwagons. The band primarily wrote and recorded the album for their own amusement, but the finished product was so entertaining they decided to take it further, and try to share it with as many people as possible.

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The Burning Effigies
song:Mid Afternoon
album:Pipe Dreams (Cynical Records)
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