Puerto Muerto
Puerto Muerto
Label: Fire Records
Genre: Folk
Online: Artist Website


Puerto Muerto consists of two people of different backgrounds.

Tim Kelley -a man riddled with problems of the earthly sort. He has taken to over-eating and indulging in sinful behavior, such as seducing innocent women waiting for the bus and drinking too much.

Christa Meyer - a woman fond of peaches and talking on the phone with her friends.

The two met after a tragic incident where Tim lost his money in a dark stairwell. Christa was walking down the street and saw Tim. Christa was working with sick people, singing funny little rhymes and such. She wrote only to please.

Tim was recovering from a particularly hairy bout with memory loss when he decided to partake in songwriting. He did this until he went to jail. He went to jail for causing an undignified scene in Columbia, Missouri. Columbia, Missouri is no place to cause a scene.