Hot Troche
Label: Illegal Art
Genre: Other
Online: Artist Website


Yopaakuyu With Me is the second album by Ryohei Kobayashi (aka Hot Troche). His debut was on Pink Rabbit/Cha-Bashira in Japan. We fall off our chairs every time we listen to this. Hot Troche is simply the future of Japanese avant-music. Drum machines and samplers programmed at triple speed, Ryohei has a microphone inside his mouth, making crackling noises and occasionally even singing. This is rhythmic but always changing, described as "the sound of fighting with cars" complete with broken beats and spontaneous outbursts. So hyper-intensive, this is recommended in small doses at first. With a third album planned for next year on the Melange label, Hot Troche has also remixed Cornelius and Team Doyobi, performs weekly around Tokyo, and exhibits as a visual artist as well.