Afro Mystik
Afro Mystik
Label: Om Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Traditional musical boundaries between nations are bending. The sounds of native drums can be heard merging with house music and uniting with jazz creating new forms, disintegrating the mass-marketed model of pop culture. This is the world of Afro-Mystik, Om Records' electrifying live experience. Fusing the rhythms of many cultures into one on their second full-length album, "Morphology" coming April 2003, Afro-Mystik presents the evolution of diverse musical traditions into a singular, surreal electronic landscape.

Chris Smith (DJ Fluid) formed Afro-Mystik in 1999 as a fusion of DJ Culture, live percussion and global influences. "I wanted to get together a band that could bring in my influence as a DJ and live instrumentation," remembers Fluid. "There are so many artist/producers out there, such as Jazzanova and Bugz in the Attic, that are creating stunning, groundbreaking music. I wanted to take Afro-Mystik to a different arena by focusing on not only the production, but the development of a powerful live act." Originally producing downbeat, breaks and house under his Fluid Motion moniker on SF independent label Mephisto, Afro-Mystik allowed Smith to explore his obsessive passion for the sounds of African and Brazilian rhythms naturally fused with electronic beats.