Label: Unschooled Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Arnar Helgi Adalsteinsson and Vilhjalmur Pálsson form the Icelandic multi-instrumentalist duo Plat. In order to transcend the "soulless" appellation often bound to electronic music, Arnar & Villi are determined to overcome the technical barrier between an idea and its execution. "We try and approach the computer as any other instrument, we need its feedback and we have to be able to do the wrong thing at the right moment.

Capturing that moment is very important to the Plat philosophy - Thats what we've got now let´s make it work!" Arnar explains. This ongoing efort to force their feelings/thoughts into their own music has them firmly ensconced in the studio. Other peoples music is something quite different; you can regularly find Arnar on drums and Villi on bass and/or guitar playing live and studio gigs throughout the musical spectrum in Iceland and on the continent. Consistently playing in actual live bands they were never perfectly comfortable working in the antiseptic confines of a sequencer.

Their solution to working without a sequencer was to simply record everything, everytime they play, this has resulted in a unique continuum from whitch to continually mine inspiration.

"Plat is where we summarize all this work into what we consider our unique style of music. Plat is the result of countless happy accidents combined with carefully planned chaos. While trying to capture that elusive moment we have come up with a mixture of acoustics and electronics with plenty of analog manipulation - sometimes I feel more like a chef than a musician!" The organic process of their construction philosphy combined with their Icelandic location frequently has reviewers presuming significant influences from nature. These uncommon assertions for electronic musicians aside, Arnar has clearly stated for the record "We categorically deny having encountered any elves, nor has nature in any way influenced our music - I mean we hardly ever leave the studio."