Label: Second Nature Recordings
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Only a year into their existence, Veda has not only built a fervid underground following, but they've crafted a wholly unique sound that is as equally rapturous as it is leveling. Kristen May's charmingly colossal voice navigates a musical ship riveted together by its stunning melodic qualities and powered by its anthemic passion. Brian Little's guitar lines lie somewhere between U2 and ELLIOTT while the rhythm section of Jason Douglas and Drew Little is reminiscent of the infamous Will Goldsmith/Nate Mendel anchor of SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE. Musical prowess alone, however, is nothing without the work ethic to give up the comfort and security of home to jump in a van and hit the road. So far in the first part of 2005 they've toured and shared the stage with bands like THRICE, THE GET UP KIDS, STRAYLIGHT RUN, and COPELAND.