Label: Mental Monkey Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


It all began on the mean streets of Calumet City, IL, made famous by the Blues Brothers. Somewhere within the abandoned steel mills and huge dead factories laid the original studio space that Paul Heintz and Steve Munoz (founding members) collected their original batch of vintage guitars, trunks of effects pedals, theremins and chords stretching farther than all the collective telephone wires in their small town. This studio was called SpectraMobile and this is where Novasonic Down Hyper Space was born. Despite various lineup changes, the core of Paul and Steve remain the same today and their song writing continues to grow and mature.

These wonder kids immediately hit the blues. Their pulse pushed west into the ears of Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday) in San Mateo, CA. He invited Novasonic Down Hyperspace to join his AudioInformationPhenomena label. Joined with bands such as Flowchart, Aspera, Asteroid #4 and Her Space Holiday, our heroes were in good hands. And they held their own!

Novasonic Down Hyperspace's debut release, Embracing Magnetics, a record that found reference points to early Pink Floyd, joined by the shoegazing fuzz of Ride, was the highest charting college radio record on this fabulous label! Talks began with 4AD, perhaps the most influential indie of all time, but then disintegrated with the fading of the 4AD US office. This closing, coupled with Marc's decision to shutdown AIP operations and focus on his flourishing musical career, led our Calumet couple to their first closed door.

Still, persistance prevailed as a self-released record appeared, entitled Mathing Moonlight, and new doors of perception were opened. On this album, the band displayed the more experimental and esoteric shades of their psychedelic journeys. Like their space rock forefathers Spacemen 3, Novasonic Down Hyperspace displayed the ability to merge memorable moments from the lost library of sound. Their soothing pop melodies were now surrounded by Faust-styled (60's Krautrock masters, strung out and drugged out jams. The occasional twangy guitar and old school organ effects were highlighted with angelic overtones and a landscape of lush synthesizers that glowed in the background. Mathing Moonlight required a few more listens than many writers were willing to give it. Fortunately, Chicago understood and embraced our fine fellows. The Empty Bottle, one of Chicago's coolest clubs, took them in and new audience members were blown away during opening slots for Stratford 4 (Jetset), Windy And Carl (Kranky), Aspera (Secretly Canadian), Flowchart (Darla), and Mr. Mixel Pixel (Mental Monkey Records).

Now, the band has transformed into a far tighter five-piece than any of its former incarnations. The pop sensibility of their song writing has pushed our rockers far beyond the stifling name that once contained them. Change was needed. A new name, Midstates, was found. A new label, Mental Monkey Records (Team Dresch, Mr. Mixel Pixel), was secured. And new shows are currently being scheduled.