Label: Shaman Work Recordings
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


EMANON was born in mid 1995 when Exile and Aloe Blacc met through mutual friends. Exile was looking for an emcee for some of his beats. Aloe stepped up to the plate and the connection was undeniable. Later that year they released Stretch Marx, the first of a series of mixtapes. Back then they were just Dream Sequence, which is now the name of the crew of heads related to the EMANON movement. The name EMANON wasn't adopted until after the release Imaginary Friends, which includes a song by the same name. Exile and Aloe agreed that it was a fitting title for the duo and stuck with it.

A description of EMANON's music is not enough to fully grasp the sense of the creativity within the two artists. Aloe Blacc presents his words in ways never attempted by other emcees. Adapting elements from other genres of music, Aloe has made his lyricism an instrument that is just as important as the beat itself.

Never afraid to venture into new realms of musical expression, Exile's beats are orchestrations far beyond the sampled loop and break beat. Exile has become an instrumentalist and most of what you will hear from him is a creation that can be legitimately described as his own.

EMANON's most recent release, Anon & On, is a testament to the well-rounded talents of both Aloe Blacc and Exile as it touches upon numerous topics and displays various styles. This eight-song EP has already received acclaim in numerous reviews and has further stabilized EMANON's presence in Hip Hop and independent music. Their plans for the immediate future include a host of projects: debut album, solo albums, crew compilations, deejay albums, etc. There will be enough music for every emotion, thought, and event. So whether you are out with your friends getting something to eat, or chilling at home wasting time, EMANON is right where you want them to be.