Flashlight Arcade
Flashlight Arcade
Label: On The Rise Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Flashlight Arcade is the Jersey skate-punk phenom who sounds more from the East Bay than anywhere else. Featuring ex-frontman of legendary hardcore band One4One (whose crusty snarled vocals and devastating breakdowns, landed them on worldwide tours w/ the likes of Hatebreed, Circle Jerks, Fear, and more), Flashlight Arcade mix the sounds of East Bay punk i.e. Jawbreaker, Face to Face, and Samiam w/ the hardcore edge that Lifetime, Jimmy Eat World, or Hot Water Music offer up.

The songs, like the shows, fall somewhere between the tastes of the wind milling, piling-on Agnostic Front pit rat and the head-bobbing, crate-digging Mars Volta prog-rock fan. Flashlight Arcade may have aspired to be a great punk band, but what they and their fans ended up with has evolved well beyond those modest expectations.