Label: Rec-League Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


As a child, Derek "Proe" DeLong found himself enamored with all types of music, lip-syncing to the radio and dreaming about one day being a music star. His first artistic foray in the music world occurred when he was 14 years old, when he cashed in his life savings and bought a cheap set of turntables and a mixer. Although his DJing career never left his bedroom, Proe amassed an eclectic record collection which would later be the foundation for his unique music production. Proe's mother's poetry writing would be the catalyst for his emergence as a lyricist. While trying to emulate her, Proe discovered a talent for writing unique rhymes. During the day, he would spar with friends, spitting sharp, off-the-cuff battle freestyles in public; behind closed doors at night, he penned what were far closer to poetic descriptions of his life.

Often compared to genre-ambiguous artists such as Atmosphere or N.E.R.D., Proe realizes that many of his fans may not strictly be hip-hop fans, but that's just fine by him. "I want to carve out a niche for myself and be known for having a signature sound. My all-time favorite artist is Tom Waits, because he developed a completely distinct sound for himself." Appealing to those who want a brutally honest and intelligent assessment of the world around them, regardless of the type of sound it’s set to, Proe is carving out his own niche in the independent music scene. Proe, the young MC and producer, is breaking the rules and in turn, rewriting the game.