Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez
Label: Camobear Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Josh Martinez has burst onto the scene with humor, wit and an infectious delivery that has his songs stuck in your head for weeks. Martinez' first release, the DJ Moves produced Maximum Wellbeing EP, blew the collective conscious with the epic track "Deny". A five beat, ten minute opus about a soldier forced to revisit the Holocaust, "Deny" won 1998's Independent Song of the Year from CBC's Brave NewWaves.

His next release, Josh Martinez & the Hooded Fang, was awarded 5 mics by Source Online and showcased production and rhyme help from Halifax's finest. This self-released gem moved Vice Magazine to comment, "Josh takes on more subject matter in one song than most rappers do in their entire careers." And the world started to notice.

As interest in his recordings grew, Josh decided to start his own record label, Low Pressure Records, a Vancouver based label co-owned by DJ Moves and Rhekone. In the spring of 2001, Low Pressure released the immensely popular Made in China, Josh's third album, which sold more than 5000 copies independently and spread Josh's words far and wide. In 2002, Low Pressure was dissolved and Josh reopened under the name Camobear Records.

Martinez has built a solid reputation around the world for his engaging wordplay, butter melodies and high-energy live performances. His live show has captivated audiences and spread his reputation as one of the best live performers out there. Over the last three years, Josh has performed in every major city in North America, several times over. Having twice headlined the huge music festival at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, showcasing at this year's NewMusicWest in Vancouver and dropping heat for thousands of screaming lunatics on the 2002 Vans Warped Tour, Josh has performed for them all, delivering the same high-energy lunacy each and every time he hits the stage.

And so the future looks very bright for the Josh. With rockstar looks, a pronounced strut and good times to spare, this guy is good to go. With any luck, and a lot of bribery, the world will hear a lot more from the People's Champ in the near future.