Build Buildings
Build Buildings
Label: independent
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Build Buildings is Ben Tweel, musician, scientist, philologist. Ben was born in Columbus, OH and now lives in New York City. Under the name Build Buildings, Ben makes music with computers, instruments, household noises and records.

There Is a Problem with My Tape Recorder, Build Buildings' newest album, puts these elements together to craft full yet minimal songs. Immediate arrangements and delicate beats still manage to leave space for external ambient sounds to filter in and play with the music. As good for playing at low volumes as for listening to with headphones, as new details emerge on each listen.

Desmostylus (New Animals) was recorded in four different locations over the course of two years, interrupted by the theft of a laptop, yet still maintains a consistent feel due to the distinctive production style. These nine songs are built around samples, seamlessly enveloped by guitar, Rhodes piano, accordion, and computer. Compelling melodies and unexpected turns give this album a depth that rewards repeat listens.

Deceptively complex, s/t is a six-song EP playing with a central theme. Rhodes piano, breakbeats and samples are interlaced with subtle computer highlights in different takeson the same ideas. Put this on and don't think about the concept.