Label: Kanpai
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


THE STORY: In the future, all borders and barriers have been replaced by one peaceful global community: The Love Regime. This society is founded on the notion that partying and lovemaking are the most effective modes of building a successful, functioning society. In order to accelerate the World Party, a group of scientists in Tokyo Province decided to send artists back in time to spread their positive message. They selected two men: Tastemaker Three and Ladies Sagittaria, one a famous pilot and the other a ground-breaking dance therapist, to bring their soulful music and dance stylings to the people of 2004. They are Prototokyo.

THE SOUND: Caught in a love triangle between electronica and old-school R&B, Prototokyo uses hip hop beats, retro-soul singing and spaced-out effects to create a deep, danceable sound that is unique and nasssty.

THE SHOW: Prototokyo and their gorgeous all-female dance troupe turns the party out. Their live show combines electronic grooves and live instruments with dance routines and audience participation. The show is high-energy, tight, funny and most of all, positive. Recently, a Prototokyo gig helped encourage a crowd member to profess his five-year secret love to his best friend. That night she went home with him and they made sweet love...