Label: Kanpai
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


After generating a steady positive buzz from their live shows, the release of INDICIA'S first album on kanpai records culminates phase one of Betsy Ullery and David Ward's cognitive yet ethereal musical collaboration. Looking forward, the duo aims to keep after what moves them musically to make their singular mark.

The INDICIA sound has already provoked more than a few raves. Bill Picture of the San Francisco Examiner calls it a "highly infectious strain of itchy electromagnetic funk...a trippy mix of slow rollin', hypno breaks, Ursual Rucker-style spoken word and ethereal Portishead-style vocals."

Betsy details the INDICIA approach: "Our music is about combining two forces - the reality of our world and the reality of our collective subconscious. We want to be an example of how different genres and musical mentalities can combine and work." Says Dave of INDICIA'S open-to-anything style: "We just let it happen."