Mum's The Word
Mum's The Word
Label: Grey Label Recordings
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Los Angeles based producer Todd Mumford, aka Mum's the Word started his path in music during his days as a DJ at KCSB, the campus radio station at UC Santa Barbara. While in SB, Mums started to get more into the production side of things and eventually hooked up with an emcee by the name of Subtitle. Mums worked on demo projects with Subtitle and later fellow SB residents Lexicon. Around the same time, Mums met the Visionaries and after many beat tapes had been sent in the mail in hopes of working with them ended up recording demos with Writer's Block (Zen & Dannu) and LMNO.

After finishing school in late 1997, Mums moved to L.A. and along with his partner Mong Chan started Concentrated Entertainment. The first release from their newly formed label was a 12" from LMNO and that was followed by a 12" from Lexicon. In 1999, Mums with his friend Tone Lopez started Defcon 4 Recording Studios, which would be the key to putting together all the projects he had been planning in his head for the previous couple years. The first big project for Concentrated was a compilation distributed by Nu Gruv entitled Connect the Dots: Music 4 All Cities. Mum's produced 9 tracks on the project including songs with Dr.OOP, Kombo, Kazi, and 2Mex & LMNO. Mums went on to do 5 tracks on the Visionaries Sophomore Jinx, and produce the Mindclouders project (with 2Mex). Mums released his first solo album The People Mover. in 2000. During those busy couple of years Mums also met Living Legends member Murs at a barbeque and the result was Mums producing 10 tracks and engineering the entire Murs Rules the World album.

After splitting with his partner in Concentrated Entertainment, Mums formed Smoggy Day Recordings and released his first project as Executive Producer, Kan Kick's From Artz Unknown. In 2002, he released his 2nd solo project, People Keep Movin'. More recently, Mums released Collision (a collaboration with LMNO) and his first instrumental project Texture.

In addition to working as a producer and putting out projects on his own label, Mums has engineered recording sessions for a whole slew of artists from Ras Kass to Wild Child to Talib Kweli. Mums is of course working on his next project tentatively entitled "Constant is Change" which should be out later this year.