Label: The Agriculture
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


NNJ ( generally pronounced "inch") started playing with a second hand mixer and a computer in the late 20th century and eventuallybega to produce music. Lives in different spots mostly on this globe. Usually insists on the fact that his music says more about him than words can tell. Likes the movies, tomato juce and more.

His music is mostly soft and warm downtempo ballads, which dodge the well-known genres while winking at them. Dub, drum & bass, trip hop, and post-idm programming can all be seen as influences here, but nnnj’s soul breaks free and gives these tracks a life of their own. He uses melody and bass in a unique way, giving the gritty rugged rhythms a beautiful, uplifting jolt. The production has a large dynamic range, combining an intricate comprehension of composition and arrangement with an easy going attitude.