Hot Hot Heat


Hot Hot Heat is from Victoria, BC, at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Victoria, no major metropolitan city in its own right, is close enough to Vancouver and Seattle, and yet also far enough away, to afford resident artists and musicians a bit of space. And this sort of isolation can lead to weird and sometimes wonderful evolutionary development (compare Darwin and his experience on other islands, and Vancouver Island is not so different from the Galapagos). Formed in Victoria, disaffected youth, one and all, Hot Hot Heat naturally made a lot of noise early on - punks with synthesizers instead of guitars. When that became more constraining than liberating, Hot Heat mutated, parting ways with its singer, recruiting Dante DeCaro on guitar and pressing the microphone into the hands of keyboardist Steve Bays. Emphasis changed, melody came to the fore, people danced and it was, above all else, fun. Hot Hot Heat was reborn and the new songs owed much to the tuneful complexity of XTC, The Clash, Elvis Costello and the Attractions (and, yeah, okay, The Cure too, but enough with that already).