Martin Rev
Martin Rev
Label: File 13 Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Based in NYC, Rev has remained one of music's most interesting and influential music producers since the late 70's. Emerging from the New York punk rock and art scene as the instrumentalist of Suicide, his pulsing and hissing keyboards laid a foundation for vocalist Alan Vega's ranting Beat vocals. This combination channeled into a completely new sound: electronic-meets-punk. Acting as an amalgamation of this historical time and place for music, it also served as a vehicle for their own new conceptual ideas of how to cross-pollinate music and art. The duo's live performances were notorious with Vega's confrontational taunting on top of Rev's hypnotic wash. Suicide albums soon became cherished classics to listeners throughout the world, with the most reputable undoubtedly being their legendary self-titled debut, released in 1977. Meanwhile, both Rev and Vega have created a steady catalogue of compelling solo work.