Subtitle: Young Dangerous Heart
Subtitle: Young Dangerous Heart
Artist Subtitle
Album Young Dangerous Heart
Label Gold Standard Laboratories
Released 3/11/2005
Close to two years since Subtitle's first appearance on GSL comes the towering L.A. emcee's official full-length debut, Young Dangerous Heart. Nearly 18 months in the making, the album finds Subtitle shape-shifting amid a diverse array of donated-beats and guest production from all over the California hip-hop underground. Contributions and/or appearances from Aceyalone, Murs, Octavious, Alias, Omid, Thavious Beck, members of Visionaries, Busdriver, and many others serve to enhance Subtitle's trademark stream-of-consciousness poetics and laid-back charm, while his own production work continues to rewrite the rules... upside down and backwards.