Broker/Dealer: Initial Public Offering
Broker/Dealer: Initial Public Offering
Artist Broker/Dealer
Album Initial Public Offering
Label Asphodel
Released 1/15/2004
Featuring subterranean basslines, ambient synth pads, dubby beats and interlocking pop melodies, Broker/Dealer's porous, punchy tracks and classy melodic nuances have been eliciting comparisons with the likes of early Mouse on Mars and Thomas Brinkmann since the release of their first 12" on the well-respected Cologne label, Traum Schallplatten, home to B/D heroes Akufen, Miss Dinkt and Phillipe Cam.

Having recently contributed a Process remix to the Traum artist's tribute record, Re-Processed, mixed by Doc Martin on the brand new Fabric 10 compilation, and anticipating an appearance on the Death Before Disco anthology (forthcoming from PrinceHouse), Broker/Dealer are receiving a phenomenal amount of well-deserved recognition for an outstanding young band at the beginning of a promising career. Containing nine tracks, Initial Public Offering closes out with a gorgeous crossover remix of The Court and Spark's "To Hear The Fires."