Aqui: The First Trip Out
Aqui: The First Trip Out
Artist Aqui
Album The First Trip Out
Label Ace Fu Records
Released 11/11/2004
From an unknown city in the year 2062 to the city of New York in the year 2004 comes the soundtrack of four warriors who document a violent romp through space and time. After transmitting live from the future to clubs, lofts, basements, and living rooms for the past year, they have finally discovered a way to release the work in album form. Strange but true, their debut album, The First Trip Out, is not actually a fixed piece of work. Each play is a transmission streamed directly to the present from a place very far from here. They consider it their quest to warn this world of what lies in store for future inhabitants. They report of a world in ruins, full of dangerous beings, strange yet somehow beautiful. Enhanced CD features live footage.