Heavy Trash: Heavy Trash
Heavy Trash: Heavy Trash
Artist Heavy Trash
Album Heavy Trash
Label Yep Roc Records
Released 4/19/2005
JON SPENCER and MATT VERTA-RAY are HEAVY TRASH. There is a secret place where even the best-intentioned rockabilly explorations are scarred by dirty guitars, bad dreams, and lust gone wrong...Where murder ballads rub up against filthy R&B and frantic rock'n'roll...Where country ruminations drip with echo and sadness... This is where SPENCER and VERTA-RAY fermented their very souls and gave birth to HEAVY TRASH, the perfect soundtrack for boozy all-night throw downs, pettin' parties and psychedelic fright shows. Mr. Spencer, of course, is the Shudder and Shake behind the BLUES EXPLOSION and The Most Exciting Performer in Rock'n'Roll Today. Mr. Verta-Ray chopped heads with SPEEDBALL BABY and with six razor-sharp strings he carved these songs from Raw Tombstone and committed them to tape in his basement studio in New York's Lower East Side. The result is HEAVY TRASH. Play it for the one you love. You cannot lose.