Mother Inc.: Mother Inc.
Mother Inc.: Mother Inc.
Artist Mother Inc.
Album Mother Inc.
Label Seven Seven Records
Released 4/5/2005
Produced by New York disco/rock team Mike Skinner and Spencer Product of Black Moustache, Mother Inc Includes songs about such Oprah-worthy topics as plastic surgery, post-partum depression, and weight awareness. But the bubbly, synth-driven sounds, and the light-hearted, wry approach to the material combine to make this both irresistibly catchy and irrepressibly driving. Highlights Include a revved-up, techy cover of Odyssey's disco classic, "Native New Yorker."

In early February 2005 the group teamed with FENDI to present the debut performance of the new songs at an exclusive pre-Fashion Week show at New York's Marquee. National release of the record is scheduled for late March, 2005, with appearances planned at both the M3: Miami Music & Multimedia conference and South by Southwest in March, and a 6-city tour to follow in May (Mother's Day, don't you know?).

Mother Inc is sure to be one of the most talked-about debuts of 2005 — and certainly one of the longest coming!!